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Aluminum Framing Solution
We offers a wide selection of fasteners to connect components and accessories to profiles using the T-slot. All fasteners are designed for quick, easy installation and have a large surface area to provide strong, secure fastening. Also, many have grooved surfaces to resist loosening and provide ESD protection.

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T-Nuts Isolation Cap T-Bolts Quick Connector Mounting Strips
T-Blocks&Springs Swivel-in T-Block & Swivel-in T-Block with Springs T-Bars & Swivel-in T-Bars Anchor Strips Quick-Lock Sheet Matal Fastener
Connection Screw Spring Fastener Dimond Nut Anti T-Block Connection Link Kit

With the universally applicable components in Peaksight’s modular profile assembly system, you can quickly find a successful solution for your tasks: frames, enclosures, special and series machinery, ESD-capable systems, workplaces, supply of materials, etc. Our sales partners can assist you on-site when selecting the most economical
components, which can then be quickly delivered to you on request. Examples for application...

Our framing accessories for Aluminium profiles can be supplied with steel class 8.8 and stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316. Further types can be offered on request.