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Spring Fastener Icon 8mm
Spring fastener is a kind of connecting piece special for 8 series profile, for right-angle connection of two sections profiles, insert it into groove duct of one section profile and use the fastener wit hspecial bolt, the connection with be firm and reliable by this method. This accessory owns lock and anti-shock function.

Spring Fastener SF30 Drawing
Spring Fastener
  • Special for 8 series profile for right-angle connection
  • Owns lock and anti-shock function
  • Used usually together with 8x20-8 special snap-head bolt
  • Large surface area


  • Zinc Plated steel
Spring Fastener SF40 Drawing
Part Number
SF30 series Spring Fastener   8mm icon
3 842 531 325
SF40 series Spring Fastener   8mm icon
3 842 531 326