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Standard Parts        Peaksight can produce Standard Fasteners as per different standards world widely applied. For most parts, you can find these parts from the standards as below,

  • IFI from Industrial Fastner Institute
  • ANSI from American Normative Institute
  • DIN from German Normative Institude
  • EN from European Standards Institute
  • BS from British Standars institution
  • ISO from International Org. for Standardization

  • You can find the our products range as below. The star indicates the shipping volume of according products in the past year.


    Framing Solutions        Peaksight lauchs complete accessories solutions for industrial framing solutions. We offers a wide selection of fasteners to connect components and accessories to profiles using the T-slot. All fasteners are designed for quick, easy installation and have a large surface area to provide strong, secure fastening. Also, many have grooved surfaces to resist loosening and provide ESD protection.
    It means that, in your future framing applications, you'll have the choice of

    • No Welding
    • No Drilling
    • 100% Adjustable
    • 100% Reusable

    It's the time and moneysaving alternative to conventional support methods. The Peaksight system eliminates welding and drilling, and is easily adjustable, demoutable and reusable.

    We have two parallels of solution for aluminum framing and metal framing applications respectively

    • Alluminum Framing Solution
      Quick Assembly, Added Flexibility With dozens of bolt-together connectors available for virtually any load or application, almost any structure can be quickly assembled without special tools or skills. In addition, our aluminum structural framing solution looks clean and is aesthetically pleasing needing no painting or other finishing.
      With our broad selection of accessories available, applications can be extended beyond simple frames and bases to complete, multi-functional structures. And, every framing component is infinitely reusable – making it simple and inexpensive to change your structures as your needs change.
    • Metal Framing Solution