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Framing Solutions (Alluminum Framing Solution and Metal Framing Solution)
We offers a wide selection of fasteners to connect components and accessories to profiles using the T-slot. All fasteners are designed for quick, easy installation and have a large surface area to provide strong, secure fastening. Also, many have grooved surfaces to resist loosening and provide ESD protection.
It means that, in your future framing applications, you'll have the choice of

It's the time and moneysaving alternative to conventional support methods. The Peaksight system eliminates welding and drilling, and is easily adjustable, demoutable and reusable.



The full line of fittings brackets and specialty components as well as associative materials and components are easily bolted (or machine screw fitted) to the open face of any channel section with a vise like clamping action which delivers tremendous pull out and slip resistance. The screws/nuts are generally positioned with an appropriate size or style spring (although springless styles are preferred by many). Aligned parallel with the open slot, the screws/nut (A) is simply pushed into the channel and turned perpendicular, it automatically pushes back against the in turned lips of the channel with a positive locking action (B). The fitting is then aligned and easily positioned by merely moving the nut along, (C). Tighten to complete the peration.

PEAKSIGHT provides the Estimating, Design, and Engineering direction required to take non-standard component applications such as X-ray and Hospital Equipment Supports and Laboratory Cabinet Framing Systems from concept to reality. With years of design and construction expertise, Specialty Engineered products fabricated with the same quality control as our standard industry recognized components can easily be designed into the most sophiscated of applications.


Channel Nuts

We have two parallels of solution for aluminum framing and metal framing applications respectively

Peaksight is dedecated to pollution prevention and evironment protection all the time, all our Framing accessories have passed environmental test and comply with RoHS instruction of EU. We promise to undertake mission of environment protection in each section to enjoy the green world with you!