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Wood Screws      Our Wood Screws comes in either Phillips or slotted drive. Each type of drive has three different head types: flat head, round head and oval head. For some sizes, PAN head is also available. These fasteners are zinc plated steel, and wood screws made of brass are also available. Regarding the wood screws availability we can supply, please refer to the WOOD SCREWS AVAILABLITY section below.



The table below shows all kinds of size and corresponding driver styles supplied by us.

  • The green letters indicate common sizes and the red letters ones, while made, are uncommon;
  • Letters within the cells indicate which head styles are available in that gauge and length:
    "F" for flat head,
    "R" for round head,
    "O" for oval head.
  • The last two columns indicate the matching screwdriver size. The Philips sizes are exact. For slotted screws the width of the tip is given. Because a given tip width is often made in several thicknesses, these are only a rough guide.
  • All dimensions are in inches.

Note: 1. Pan Head is also available for most sizes; If Pan Head type required, please feel free to contact us.
  2. Regarding the parameters above, you may want to visit the wood screws basics page.


For further information regarding the dimension of each type, please refer to the dimension tables.