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Spring Nuts
Spring Nuts are used to attach the fittings to the channel face. Channel nuts are generally positioned with an appropriate size or style spring (although springless styles are preferred by many). Aligned parallel with the open slot, the nut (A) is simply pushed into the channel and turned perpendicular, it automatically pushes back against the in turned lips of the channel with a positive locking action (B). The fitting si then aligned and easily positioned by merely moving the nut along (C). Tighten to complete the operation. (click to download channel nuts overview...)


Connection link kit  Drawing
Connection link kit  Drawing
  • Chamfer in the nut eases starting of the bolt.
  • Tapered grooves act as guides to provide fool-proof alignment of connection.
  • Spring allows precision placement anywhere along channel length, then holds the nut in position while connection is completed


  • Zinc-plated steel
  • HDG steel
  • A2(AISI 304) and A4(AISI 316) stainless steel
Spring Nut install guide
Spring Nut install guide

Description: A/F - 35mm; Width-19mm;
Part Number
M6, thickness 6.1mm (28 g)
3 845/6/7/8 0661
M8, thickness 6.1mm (27.5g)
3 845/6/7/8 0861
M8, thickness 8mm (36g)
3 845/6/7/8 0808
M10, thickness 8mm (35g)
3 845/6/7/8 1008
M10, thickness 9.2mm (40g)
3 845/6/7/8 1092
M12, thickness 9.2mm (38g)
3 845/6/7/8 1292
M12, thickness 10mm (43g)
3 845/6/7/8 1210
M12, thickness 12mm (40g)
3 845/6/7/8 1212
M16, thickness 12mm (70g)
3 845/6/7/8 1612
M20, thickness 12mm (62g)
3 845/6/7/8 2012

Note:  1.The weight above decludes the spring weight;
           2. Available with short spring(subcode:6); long spring(subcode:7);Top lock Spring(subcode:8)