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Clamps and Bent Parts       A clamp is used for securing together in locked relationship a pair of telescoped pipes or tubes. The clamp consists of a novel U-bolt having a small radius portion, two outwardly diverging tapered sections and two parallel threaded arms, and a novel saddle member having a semicircular cut-out and being further chamfered adjacent the ends of the semicircular cut-out to define a greater diameter. The assembly when in its loading position will accept a pipe joint of greater outside diameter than the inner diameter of the tightened clamp; and wherein tightening of the clamp initially deforms the pipe joint into an ovaled configuration and impresses a bead thereabout for 360┬░.

Peaksight is professional in producting most popular clamps and bent parts, for example U bolts with round and square style, V bolts, J Bolts, L bolts i.e., from different kinds of material with customized coating requirement, and we can produce as per drawing as well.



U-bolts: Square and Round style
Eye bolts: Open and Closed
V-bolts: Roof top and Slant
J-bolts: Round and Square
Hook bolts
Offset U-bolts
Custom configurations


Metric (DIN 3570) and Inch series
Roll thread: 8-32 to 1 1/4" diameter
Cut thread: 5-40 to 4" diameter
U.N.C. - UNF - ACME Withworth and other British threads
Left Hand and Right Hand threads
Custom threading
Custom thread lengths


Mild steel: C1008 - C1010 - C1018 - 44W-A36
Cold and hot rolled
4140 - heat treatable to meet various grades
Grades 2 - 5 - 8 or Class 4.8 - 6.8 - 8.8
Bronze-brass-stainless steel (various grades)


Other material specifications 
subject to availability.


Zinc chromate
Yellow zinc dichromate
Hot Dipped and Mechanical galvanizing


We also offer a special zinc plate process
whereby "Salt Spray" hours are increased
to 500+ to Red Rust.



For more information about the availability of the U Bolts, you can directly visit the U Bolts page. For other bent parts, please don't hesitate to send us email for inquiry.